diamond mining

Today diamonds are mined in deep and opencast mines in Africa, Canada and Russia. Diamond mining and trading is controlled by De Beers and the Russian company ALROSA.

manufacturing, certification

Investment diamonds are high quality cut and polished rough diamonds, internationally certificated. They are graded in accordance with the standards of Rapaport, New York.

diamond selling

Natural cut diamonds with HRD and GIA certificates. Completely anonymous; the most compact form of wealth. Investment diamonds including rare coloured diamonds.

emerald selling

Natural cut diamonds with HRD and GIA certificates. Completely anonymous; the most compact form of wealth. Investment diamonds including rare coloured diamonds.

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investment diamonds

Investment diamonds are the most compact, mobile form of concentrated wealth. They protect money against inflation, and are a long-term and safe investment. At times of periodic economic upheaval when banks and investment companies collapse, and turbulence on the capital markets changes shares into worthless paper, diamonds invariably keep their value and, with icy calm, represent a desirable alternative for safeguarding the property of its owner and descendants. Diamonds also give their owners pleasure and delight. They are small and have little weight, can easily be moved and concealed, and are not detectable by any security control systems for the movement of people and goods. Ownership is anonymous and is not subject to any record or identification of its owner.

Diamonds are rare - the rarer and more expensive the diamond is, the easier it is to sell (the diamond paradox). It is anticipated that large high-quality diamonds will increase their value by between 25 and 50 per cent during the next five years. From 1938 prices of investment diamonds rose year-on-year on average by 13.8 per cent; since 1959 on average by 15 per cent. The price of a one-carat D/IF diamond has grown more than tenfold during the past fifty years. Since 1970 blue diamonds have doubled in price on a regular basis every five years, and pink diamonds every six to seven years. The most frequently asked question is what amount of financial resources is appropriate to invest in diamonds, and in which sort. The amount of investment depends on the personal decision and intentions of the investor. Nevertheless, one can recommend an amount intended for a stable, conservative investment with a long-term timescale (five or more years). For this sum is it appropriate to buy natural diamonds that are most in demand, that is to say, stones with high clarity and colour (in accordance with the appropriate classification scales) and one carat and more in weight with international certificate
s. With these diamonds price growth is the greatest. Their world-wide reserves are significantly diminishing and demand for them is constantly rising. The minimum amount which would make a sound investment transaction, is in the region of over CZK150,000, depending on the diamond’s size and quality. Diamond Trade Center a.s. sells high-quality investment diamonds, internationally certificated, in the vast majority of cases direct from a mining and manufacturing company. As a result of this it can offer its customers natural cut diamonds in investment quality below the level of the Rapaport Diamond Report (USA) price list. The amount of discount on the price of gemstones depends on the quantity and specific parameters.